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Song writing · composition · arrangement

I am from Sakai city, Osaka Prefecture.

After graduating from a music vocational school, CM music production company,

After passing through acoustic effects company, free composer and arranger, it reaches present.

Providing songs to various artists, coverage from variety, animation and movies,

Activities such as drama theater accompaniment are wide.

Major works


■ Major participation works:

· Kushida Akira "Gotugatsu!" "Arrangement My Way" Arrangement Arrangement (Animation "Toriko" Theme Song)

· Tanimoto Takayoshi "Well there is something that Kimi had in a dream" Arrangement arrangement (animation "Dragon Ball Kai")

· Takeshi Kusao "Arrangement of only one warrior" Arrangement arrangement ("Dragon ball reform")

· Neptune "It's the Ken Mei." Arranged and arranged

· NEWS "Midwinter Nagareboshi" "Born and to you" composed

· AKB 48 "Ice Tea until a while" "Love Stripper" composed

· Idling !!! "Gunbare Otome (Laugh)" "Love Gokoro" composed

· Mihimaru GT "Suddenly YEAH!" Composed and co-written (2007 NHK Kohaku Utagawa Battle Sound)

· ZONE "I wanted to be with you" composed songwriting "Footprints" composed

· RAG FAIR "White Angel Comes Down" Composition

· SOWELU "RAINBOW" composition (drama 'enthusiastic Chinese food' theme)

· Kyoko Fukada "I have a question" Composition

· Horie Yui "Everyday Weather" "Sakura" Composition

· Babaroa @ "Tamayama Onegai" composition

■ Demonstration, etc.:

· Director Yuasa Masaaki "Song of Ru singing dawn" 」" Short walk in the evening Otome "The play song

· CX drama "Legal High" play middle song etc.

· BS SKY Perfommu Commemoration SP Drama "Oh! Debby" Theater

· ANB Saturday Wide Theater "Fire Investigator Gurenji Jiro Series" Fist

· CX "Meccha 2 Ike!" Okaremon Gymnastics Arrangement Arrangement

· Animation "Umineko no Naku koro ni" Other than the drama, many



Shinichi Sakurai

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Movie "Yoaketsugeruroonouta"

Main video + trailer



Mr. Masaaki Yuasa's latest director "Ru no Uta to tell the dawn" Best award at the international animated film festival

Achievement since "Fomeshon Games Pon Poko"


At the "Annecy Animation International Film Festival 2017" (June 12 th - 17 th) held in France, the latest feature animation featured director Yuasa Masaaki "Dawn Telling Rou no Uta" won the Crystal Award, which is the Grand Prix featured in the feature section. did.

It is a great achievement for 22 years since the Japanese work gained the Grand Prix for the first time since Isao Takahata's "Heisei Monster Battle Pompoco" (1995).



【Staff】 Director: Masaaki Yuasa

Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida, Masaaki Yuasa

Music: Shuhe Muramatsu

Theme Song: "Ballad of Singing" Kazuyoshi Saito (SPEEDSTAR RECORDS)


Character design draft: Nemu yako

Character design / drawing director: Ito Nobuhide

Art director: Ohno Koji

Flash animation: Abel Gongola, Juan Manuel Laguna

Director of Photography: Batist Perron


Songs in the play / Arrangement: Shinichi Sakurai

Acoustic Director: Eriko Kimura


Production Producer: Choi Eun Young

Animation Production: Science SARU


Production: Kenji Shimizu, Keiji Ota, Masaaki Yuasa, Akihiro Arai

Chief Producer: Koji Yamamoto

Producer: Yuki Okayasu, Hayakosuke Ito

Planning and Cooperation: Twin Engine Production: Fuji Television Vision, Toho, Science SARU, BS Fuji

Distribution: Toho Imaging Division

(C) 2017 Roux Production Committee


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